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Wax Sealing Facts and Basics in Singapore

What is a wax seal? For people in this era, this thing might sound quite unfamiliar. It is more often seen on TV shows or on the internet rather than first hand in real life. Well, this is normal because it is not as important as it used to be. Back in the day, the wax seal used to be very crucial especially when it comes to sending out physical letters. Since now people don’t really do it anymore, they aren’t familiar with a wax seal. The use of a wax seal has declined ever since a better and more effective adhesive is found, too. A wax seal is now more popularly used for arts and crafts, meaning that it’s more common as a decoration or for a hobby instead of holding an important significance.

Are you interested in knowing more about wax sealing? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Since you’ve got the gist of what a wax seal is, let’s go over the types of wax that are used for wax sealing. Actually, there are many different types of wax. Essentially, they are all the same, but some have different mixtures that make them unique, holding different qualities, and giving them different looks like the final product.

Some waxes have wicked, some don’t. Some come in the shape of a stick, and there are still many others out there.

The two common types of wax is the traditional sealing wax and the flexible sealing wax.

Traditional sealing wax is a type of wax that is high in the oil level. It usually comes in stick shape, either with or without a wick. Since it has a high oil content, it breaks rather easily after being pressed as a seal. That’s why this type of wax isn’t very good for sealing a document or letter since it may be able to last the delivery. However, it can be quite a good seal for decoration. And to some people, the feel of seal that is easily breakable is pleasant than not.

Next, the flexible sealing wax. This type of wax is a mixture of pure wax and resin, making it flexible compared to the traditional sealing wax. Due to this flexibility, you will get a wax seal that is more durable than the traditional wax seal. What’s great about this type of wax seal is that it can be used on even a curved surface.

You must be wondering, then which type of wax seal in Singapore is the best? Well, there is no such thing as the best wax type. Some waxes are good for certain purposes but bad for different ones, and that goes to the others as well. What’s most important is using the right type of wax for the purpose that you have in mind. To learn more about which type of wax is the most suitable for a certain job, you have to do a little exploring and learn as you go, tackling down trials and errors to know more about the characteristics of each wax.

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