Various Types of Stamps for Your Company

In the past years of human advancement, we have seen a lot of improvements in technology and product design that a lot of things are now more convenient to use as well as integrated with advanced technology to make it even easier for people to be more productive in doing everything in life. However, some items still remain pretty much the same, retaining their old mechanism and continuously stand as something that is still useful even in this era where people rely on technology more than ever. One of those items is a self ink stamp. A self ink stamp is often used in offices for various purposes depending on how they are made. Now there are more types of self ink stamp than the one that is known for in the past. By reading this article forward, you will be able to discover the types of stamps that you can use for your own custom company stamp.

1. Self-ink stamp

This is a rather improvised stamp that is self-inking because it is pre-loaded with ink. With this type of stamp, you will no longer need a separate ink pad in order to get the ink onto your stamp. It is easier to carry around as it is usually small and made of light plastic. Compared to the most classic type of stamp, it isn’t much more expensive and instead rather worth the money as you are provided with more convenience in using it. However because it is made from plastic, it is rather easier to be broken than wooden rubber stamp or metal stamp.

2. Pre-inked stamp

This type of stamp is a stamp that is more durable compared to the other types as it is capable of stamping a sharper image on various items. This can provide you with a more professional stamp image and you can appear more credible by stamping your logo or company name on certain official document you release toward your clients or other parties.

3. Rubber stamp

A rubber stamp is the most known type of stamp. It is the basic kind of stamp that has been going on for years and years. It is usually made from wood and it needs a separate ink pad because it cannot ink itself and is not pre-inked. It has ordinary durability, depending on how careful you can when using this type of stamp. This stamp is gradually getting forgotten because there are no less of a hassle stamps that is more preferable. It remains to be the cheapest type of stamp somebody can make from a stamp manufacturer.

A stamp manufacturer choice is really important when it comes to the decision of creating a custom company stamp. You must choose carefully which manufacturer to work with. Make sure that they can make the quality of stamp the way you desire so that you will get as much as you pay for. Providing the best quality stamp will greatly benefit your company image as there will be difference in the quality of image stamped between a cheap and more costly stamps.

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