The Difference Between Cutting Sticker and Printing Sticker

Stickers are used for many things in life, from showing identity, giving information on a product, or even as a marketing tool as it can help in promoting goods and events, or turned as a coupon or voucher to entice people into purchasing something or using a service that is offered.

Sticker printing is done by a digital printing service. And these digital printing services usually offer many types of stickers that have their respective advantages and disadvantages. One of the most popular terms known in sticker printing is cutting sticker and printing sticker. There is a difference between the two that many people still don’t quite understand.

Simply, the fundamental difference between the two types of stickers is the machine that is used to make those stickers.

Cutting Sticker

A cutting sticker is produced by cutting, as the name goes. The technique used to create this sticker uses a cutting method that traces the shape or design of the sticker that is created with professional designing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw. The machine used for this type of sticker is a simple sticker cutting machine.

Printing Sticker

Printing sticker is made by printing the design of a sticker on a sticker paper using a common office printer. It is one of the cheapest ways to produce stickers. However, the quality that can be acquired with this technique is often rather low. It may vary depending on the type of ink used and also the paper. But, there is a hard limitation with this technique, especially using a home or office printer.

Differences between cutting sticker and printing sticker

1. Design

The design of a cutting sticker comes in vector. This line serves as a cutting guide that is to be followed by the cutting sticker machine. Meanwhile, there’s no such thing for the printing sticker. The printer can process any design format. But the limitation of this is that it needs pictures with high resolution to produce good quality stickers.

2. Colors

The cutting sticker machine has a disadvantage of having color options that are limited, especially solid colors or non-gradation colors. However, this can be solved by using a program such as CorelTrace to make the color appear nicer. This, of course, requires more time and skill compared to the printing sticker method, which has no problem regarding color that allows you to print any color in good quality without problems and without requiring extra skill nor time to adjust. You can visit this website to find out more.

It can be seen that the cutting sticker method is usually can be done by printing service with enough resources and having the machine to produce a sticker that way. Meanwhile, printing sticker is more suitable for homemade sticker production if you don’t need to produce stickers in a large quantity. If you are using your stickers for certain events where you need to be able to get your stickers in the best quality possible, it is always best to have your stickers produced by a printing service with the right equipment and skills to do so.

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