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Postcards: Find Out A Few Fundamental Points Before Making the Card

Usually, we see interesting illustrations or beautiful photographs on the front side of the postcards. That is one of the things that distinguishes postcards from other written communication media. Because of its attractive front side, postcards are still used by many people or businesses for various kind of purposes. But another thing that keeps the card in use is because of its simple making process.

Even though a postcard is easy to make, you’re not ready to jump right into the card making process until you know some basic points about postcards. So, to help you find out more about postcards, here are some fundamental points you need to know before making them.

Postcard Elements

Before making the card, it is important to know the elements and details that make up the card. How can you make a postcard without knowing the elements that build the card? So, let’s take a look at the elements you need to know in making a postcard.

  • The front side which displays an interesting illustration or photo.
  • A place to put a stamp that is usually on the backside of the card.
  • An area to write the recipient’s address.
  • A space for writing personal messages. Usually, people make it half the size of the paper.

Those are all common elements of the card. But, for those who want to make postcards for marketing, there is an extra. Here are the additional elements.

  • A headline that should be clear and bold.
  • Benefits and offers
  • Call to action. Make sure you include only one call to action. If you add more, people might get confused.
  • Contact information
  • Return address
  • Logo of your business.

The Process of Making the Card

As previously mentioned, the process of making postcards is not that difficult. We can divide it into three main points. To find out more about each point you can read about it below.

  • Goals and planning are the first two things. At the beginning of the making process, you should identify your goal or purpose for making the card. That’s important because knowing the goal or purpose can help you plan what you want to make on your postcard, what types of photos or designs to put on the front of the card, or what calls to action you want to add to the card.
  • Design is the second major step in making the card. Actually, for the design, you have more than one alternative. You can make it independently, ask a professional, or use a legal template on the internet. Besides, when designing a card, make sure all elements are included on the card!
  • Printing is the last but most important step. Why? Because the result of the card will be determined here. Whether the card will be good or not, you will decide here. Because of that, you should never underestimate this last step. Instead of printing postcard designs at home, you better print them at a printing service such as Singapore¬†postcard¬†printing to make sure the cards are well printed!

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