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How to Plan and Design Your Own Wedding Card

It is known that the cost of printing wedding cards can get high, so some people choose to do their own design and printing as well to save up money. If you are one of them, you might want to know these important tips that can be useful for you in order to make your wedding card production much smoother and easier.

1. Begin Designing Early

It is important to plan out the whole production of your wedding card. Since you will most likely print it on your own, you will need more time because you have more limitations using the equipment that you have at home. Start planning early so that you can design at ease with a lot of time left. Designing early allows you to do it carefully and not in a hurry so that you can get a mistake free design that is satisfactory for you.

2. Decide on a Style

The design of your wedding card should not only look good but also suitable to home printing, unless you will print it at a printing shop. If you are printing on your own using simple printer, it is best to make a design with more white space that use lighter colors for the background so that you won’t encounter any problems and save ink. If you want your wedding card to have bolder background color, then you should pick a paper stock that is already colored.

3. Design Professionally

Even though you are not a professional, you can still make it look like it’s made by professional. You should find out the tips and tricks given out and done by professionals as they design invitation card printing in Singapore, such as remembering to design in full bleed, choose a layout that is proper and avoid adding borders to the design of your wedding card.

4. Compatibility of Paper and Printer

The printer that you have must be able to process the choice of paper that you make. Office printer has a limited capability to process papers. If it is too thick, then most likely it won’t be able to be processed with the common printer.

It is advisable to choose an inkjet printer instead of laser printer to get better results. But still, it won’t be able to process thick paper that is best for wedding card. That’s why it is a lot better to choose to print your wedding card in a printing shop so that you can get the best quality cards and at a shorter time because it can print a lot of cards quicker than the inkjet or laser printer can.

In a printing shop, you will get more printing style options that can make your wedding card look more interesting as well, such as engraving, letterpressing, UV printing, or others.

5. Envelope

Never forget about the envelope for your wedding card so that it can be secure when it gets delivered. Not only that, your wedding card will look complete with a matching envelope as well.

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