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Design and Print Banner Professionally With These Four Tips

The decisions made during the process of designing and printing a banner are really important because they truly determine the quality of a banner such as the x banner stand. None is less important, because only with a good design and right material a banner can truly shine. Banner printing is commonly done on PVC material that can truly bring out the best of the design. It is a material that can well withstand the outdoor conditions where it will be put up. However, it does not mean that a banner can not be used indoors as well. You have to just be able to pick the right banner material that is suitable for its uses and design accordingly as well.

To be able to get a good quality banner, here are some basic yet important things you should take note of during the design process that can affect the banner printing process as well.

1. Size and Place

You have to first know where your banner will be put on because it will help you determine the right size for your banner. Then, you should find a printing service that is capable of printing a banner of that size. Knowing the location of your to-be banner is also important because it gives you guidance on what colors work for the place aside from the dimensions or banner size. If you already have the information of the most suitable size for the banner spot, you can design the banner in a more accurate way because you already clearly know that it is the perfect banner size for the occasion.

2. Color Processing

Remember that there are two most common color combinations which are the RGB colors and CMYK colors. The two color combinations use different base colors to produce more colors. RGB color combination uses red, green, and blue, whereas the CMYK uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. RGB colors are most commonly found in the display of computer monitors as you design using designing software. Meanwhile, the CMYK colors are used for printer inks to print colors onto a material whether paper, PVC, or others. If you don’t match the combinations, you won’t be able to get accurate color. Meaning that you also will have to design in CMYK so that the printer can produce colors that are accurate as shown on the monitor display of your computer.

3. Image Resolution

Banner printing usually means that you need to be able to get high quality printing in a large size. Meaning that you need to be able to use high resolution images to get a sharp and high quality result. Make sure that the images or graphics used in the design of the banner is of at least 300 dpi. This resolution can maintain its quality no matter how big you are printing your banner to be. You won’t have to worry about it looking bad or ruined from having a low quality. Your banner will look attractive and crisp if you use images of this resolution.

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