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All About Easel Stand

First of all, you might be questioning what exactly an easel stand is? Well, an easel is a stand where you can put or hold your artwork in. With an easel stand, you can paint more comfortably in an upright position. You no longer have to hunch over a desk.

Painting with an easel makes it easier for you to step back and take a look at your artwork from a distance, which you can’t do it your artwork is flat on a table. Also, by working in a better work position, you can avoid injury from a long time of doing it. Not only that, painting with an easel stand allows you to paint with no limitation of gesture of your arm and body. An easel is definitely adjustable, so you can surely find a setting that fits you best.

There are a lot of different types of easels, and maybe you get quite confused about deciding which to choose and which is the best for you.

Well, the best choice of easel depends on your work style or how you usually paint, the medium you work with, and the size of your artwork as well as the place you prefer to work at.

Let’s learn about each type of easel stands so that you can decide which matches your preferences the best.

1. A-Frame Easel

An A-frame easel is a three-legged easel with two at the front and one at the back. This type of easel stand is economical and portable. However, the downside of it is that it is not very stable. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can consider using this type of easel stand. However, for professionals, it is preferable to get a higher quality easel stand. This type of stand is perfect for the first easel of a beginner artist. Take note that the A-frame easel doesn’t have a built-in storage for painting supplies and requires you to get separate storage especially if you like to paint outdoors or in other places.

This type of easel stand is great because it can be easily folded and stored, and it is suitable for canvases of different sizes, even really large ones. It is affordable yet it offers a pretty solid quality.

2. H-Frame Easel

H-frame easel is popular for studio easel. It is sturdier than the A-frame easel, but it is not as portable. It can be moved around, but it is large and bulky. Since it is very sturdy, it doesn’t budge easily so you can paint comfortably. It is a good option for all levels of artists, but still, if you are a professional, it is best to go for a higher quality option. The H-frame easel usually comes with a ledge that can hold art supplies, so it is convenient.

3. Giant Easel

This is an easel stand specifically made for really large artworks, between 85 inches to 120 inches tall. It is absolutely durable and of course heavy. Moreover, it is expensive.

4. Convertible Easel

It can convert between a standard upright easel and a horizontal tabletop easel, making it a very versatile easel stand that is suitable for artists who use various mediums to work on. It can be used for small to large canvas sizes, but this depends on the size of the easel itself. It comes with built-in storage for art supplies.

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