Advertising with a poster: what are the pros and cons?

The poster is one of the marketing tools that are easiest to make and it costs less than most other means of advertising and marketing. Poster printing service can be found in many places and anyone can start their first marketing campaign with posters. It is a tool that is perfect for businesses that are newly started or ones that have limited funds for advertising. Not only that it is cheap, but a poster is also versatile. It can be used in any occasion as long as you can be creative with it. You can hand out your posters directly, slip them with purchases, or send them out door to door. Whatever is the method of your choice, a poster can deliver your message in an effective way as long as it is designed well.

However, you must know that there are several disadvantages to advertising with a poster as well. In this article, you will find out about it.

First, let’s go over the advantages of advertising with a poster.

1. Low-cost advertising and marketing

As previously stated, poster doesn’t cost a lot of money to produce. Furthermore, in most cases, poster production costs will become less if you order in bulk or in a large quantity. The quality of the poster can vary depending on the choices you make, for example regarding the paper stock or finishes. Thus, it is very important to make sure that the budget you have will be able to cover the printing choices.

2. Easy to produce

Basically, in order to get a poster for your advertising and marketing campaign, you only need to design it the best way you can and then hand it to a poster printing service where they will do the rest of the work for you. Poster only takes a short amount of time to produce and it is easy to make changes anytime if desired.

3. Convey message effectively

Since poster has limited space to write your promotional message, you have to come up with a concise way to say what you want to say. This will make the readers have easier time understanding the point of your promotion. Thus, you can promote more effectively in a short time.

Next up are the disadvantages of promoting with a poster.

1. Easily dismissed

Since it is small, poster usually gets dismissed pretty easily by customers. Many of them don’t bother to read what is written on the poster and are too quick to throw it away. To avoid your poster getting thrown away too easy, you have to make sure that the design for your poster is eye-catching enough. You can put bold and vibrant colors, insert images that are interesting, and most importantly, put words that can pique their interest and convince them to read your poster instead of putting it in the trash bin.

2. Short term impact

Compared to other means of marketing and advertising such as commercials, a poster is more likely to only leave a short term impact because it only grabs a person’s attention momentarily in contrast to commercials that are repeated that they get embedded in the minds of people.

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