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4 Important Name Card Design and Printing Tips

Is the name card outdated? Not really. Even though a lot of people prefer to exchange contact information in the digital way, an express name card printing in Singapore is surely still needed especially for formal contact exchange, such as in business. That’s why, this particular service in printing shops or printing services is highly demanded. 

If you are planning to get a name card stock for yourself, that’s great. But wait, before you make your order for printing, have you make sure that the design of your name card is already great and compatible for high quality printing? 

Here are some of the tips for outstanding name card design and printing: 

1. Vector 

Use vector based program for designing as it can assure you that you will get a high quality result with sharp and crisp images without stretching or pixelization. Even though a name card is small, but you have to design in 300 dpi so that you can achieve the best results possible. It is not impossible that the images or other elements you use cannot maintain its quality because the resolution is lower than 300 dpi even for small printing like name card printing.  

2. Color Plates 

Name card printing involves using color plates that are pressed onto the surface of the paper to create the colors according to what you have designed. It is best that you keep it no more than 3 color plates so that your name card is in the best quality upon printing. If you use more than three color plates, then the name card or the paper that you use will most likely get wet and there is a chance of ink transfer as well because of it. 

3. Bleed Area 

Account for the bleed area as well as crop marks for your name card design. This is especially important if the background color of your name card design is something other than white. With bleed area and crop mark, you will reduce the chance of getting any important part of the name card cut off during the trimming process. 

4. Finishes 

Consider finishes for your name card to boost its appearance. Finishes can make your name card look fancy and more appealing and this is very important if you want to impress the recipients of your name card each time it is given out. Try out spot UV if you want to give it an extra shine, or you can also go for embossing or debossing to create a unique surface for a different feel upon touch. At the very least, it is highly recommended that you coat or laminate your name card for extra protection so that it can be more durable. 

Some printing services offer express name card printing service aside from the regular one, and if you are ever in a hurry, you can definitely consider this one. With an express name card printing, you can pick up your name card the next day after agreements are made. Of course, this costs more too, but it is great for urgent conditions. 

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